British Middle Championships 2017

Provisional Details

The British Middle Distance Championships 2017 will be held on Sunday 1st October at Wendover Woods near Aylesbury.  The race will be part of the UK Orienteering League.

A new map is being drawn for the event using LIDAR data.  Parts of Wendover Woods that are best for middle distance courses will be used.  Two adjacent fields are planned for parking and the arena/finish.  Hopefully the early autumn weather will be better than the June weather was for the 2016 event.

More details will be added to this website in the Spring.  Entries are expected to open on 1st June 2017.

On the previous day, the British Sprint Championships are being held at Campbell Park near Milton Keynes.  This will also be part of the UK Orienteering League, giving an opportunity for a weekend of quality orienteering.  The events are about 30 km apart and not far from the M1 and M40, giving good access from many parts of the country.


Planners          Mark Thompson and Peter Riches (TVOC)

Organiser         Mike Cope (CLARO)

Controller         Hedley Calderbank (HH)

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